Teenager Loses Virginty Via Sexting

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.  This week, Dunkirk teenager Ashley Ficci gave up her v-card in what may be the future of sexual intercourse; sexting.  “Steve and I have been dating for about a month and a half now, so we thought it was time to take things to the next level” she said in a text-message interview, “I love him- I know we are gonna get married.” Although it may seem outlandish, an increasing number of girls seem to be finding this quick and impersonal method a great alternative to a torn hymen.

For those older than 24, sexting may be a foreign word.  Put simply, sexting is the act of dirty talk through text messaging, usually accompanied by gratuitous naked pictures.  In most cases, the romp starts out small and gains intensity until reaching a digital climax.  Messages such as “I’m so horny baby- missin’ you” along with a picture of a man’s bare chest usually kick off the romance.  From here, things start to get hot and heavy.  As the conversation picks up, so do the number of “mmm”’s and “baby”’s in each message along with suggestive mirror-shots.   Most girls tend to play coy and send provocative yet fairly tame pictures.  However, some loose girls have been known to go right for the full frontal and a few are even bold enough to pose spread eagle.

In Ashley’s case, the scenario was just what one fantasizes about for their first time. Ashley was courageous enough to walk me through that magical day.

After volleyball practice she took a shower and before getting fully dressed decided to send her lover Steve a little taste of what he so deeply desired.  Steve reciprocated, and before either party had a chance to realize what was happening the young lovers were engulfed in passionate sexting.  Hormones raged as their fingers flew over their keyboards.  “If I was there I would stick my rock hard Johnson in your slippery wet vagina” Steve proclaimed.  “Mmm I want it so bad baby, I would take all of you and our two bodies would become one” Ashley replied, fingers trembling.  Finally, in a moment of unrestrained fervor both Ashley and Steve on the verge of climax sent full frontal images at the exact same time along with the text “Ahhh!! Oh my god.  Oh my god.”  Ashley fumbles to type “That was amazing” only to be met with a message from Steve saying simply, “baby, you’re amazing.”

Maria Demonico, 23, a retired sexter who was at the forefront of the sexting revolution of the early 2000’s shares her disgust for what the act has become.  “When sexting was conceived, it was great.  It enabled you to get down anywhere whenever you needed a pick-me-up” she said, “nowadays it’s repulsive.  There is no effort put into the photography and viruses are running rampant because people don’t use protection like Norton Anti-Virus.”  Maria’s sext life came to an abrupt end after a picture sent to an ex-boyfriend was spread to everyone else in her high school.

As far as Ashley, she is so far still untarnished by the cruel realities of sexting and claimed to have a magical first time.  “It was unbelievable.  Our fingers flew across our keyboards as if we were one person with four hands” she said, “the only thing I’m worried about is becoming a sext addict!”

So the circle of life continues and another generation of America’s youth rips through the thin sheet of innocence and finds a unique way to enter adulthood.  So it goes.

Brett Jones, October 2009


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