My brain is exploding
iside a luminous

dead keys beside me,
there is a night
like dayshine that eats
at the very
feathers of my heart.

On such a night like tonight where
word does strike sooner
where the sounds become nothing
until they become
sounds that

It is nights like tonight
where I reflect on what I have learned and
the peace I have found,
and to finally now speak about it with peace
and total fire you must understand

this is the time
where I am trying to tell you
what I have not quite yet figured out
how to say,

and this is the time
where we need to learn what being
‘happy’ means,
but more importantly learn to believe
is possible.

I have traded in the goods for the
farm land,

I have seen our world and
I am not afraid
to face it.

There is a pasture full
of dog farts.

Sometimes it isn’t funny but sometimes it has to be.

Day after day after day after day
and here we are


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