over easy

pay day means
a trip to the bank
and a trip to the diner
for some eggs.

sitting in the corner booth
over a greasy plate
with rye toast, bacon, home fries
and a cup of coffee,
it is important
to try
to eat

with no one to talk to
all there is to do
is chew
and sip the coffee
before it gets cold
and chew again.

it is easy to feel
to feel an obligation
to be in and out
even if there is no line
and closing time
does not exist

your kind old waitress
is busy
smoking a cigarette
while readjusting
her wrist brace.

the younger waitress
with tattoos
on her hands
and neck
keeps glancing over
crosslegged from the counter
waiting for a table
of her own.

to replicate
the pace.


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