Dizzy Star Fading

Fat as a lizard I could do this all day, basking on a warm rock, welcoming sun… But at some point I should probably go to the store for more soap and maybe blueberries, some flowers for the window. I have been seeking four leaves in the wrong beds of clover. I am the zebra,Continue reading “Dizzy Star Fading”


Two Fucking Weirdos Open A Heavy-Petting Zoo

Twin brothers and life-time weirdos James and Jeff Langol have created one of the freakiest pastimes ever advertised: a heavy-petting zoo. Last Thursday in front of  their mobile home, the Langols  cut the proverbial  ribbon to announce the grand opening of their “zoo,”  fittingly  named “Inappropriate Fields.” The plot of land the zoo sits onContinue reading “Two Fucking Weirdos Open A Heavy-Petting Zoo”