Wise Old Winston

Cut the hip-hop beats and the pop-synth soundwaves now we exist in silence, finally. Somewhere along the way we decided to chase this path and to remain focused on sunsets next to the stage. I went to my dirty porch at 5AM to watch sunrise only to discover a cat, sleeping. I petted him andContinue reading “Wise Old Winston”


Guy Really Wants Cat After Getting High And Playing With Friends Cat

College sophomore Ross Hayes recently decided he would enjoy owning a cat of his own after hitting it off with his buddy’s cat, Mittens.  The two hit it off Thursday night when Hayes came over to rip his friend’s new RooR bong and watch Family Guy reruns. “I don’t know man, Mittens is just fuckingContinue reading “Guy Really Wants Cat After Getting High And Playing With Friends Cat”

Scared Firefighter Condemns Cat To Life In Tree

“That kitty looks happy as can be, and let’s not forget that cats can live in trees for years. Mr.Sprinkles T. Pembrook is going to be fine.” This was the response from local firefighter Vince Umbrick when he was asked whether or not he planned on saving the cat. Mr. Umbrick has been a proudContinue reading “Scared Firefighter Condemns Cat To Life In Tree”