College Grads Find That Dreams Are Frivolous

Three months after graduating college, Brad Foster wakes up at 12:30 PM, finishes the warm beer on the cardboard box nightstand next to his bed, and falls back asleep until 3. It’s a Wednesday and his next four hour shift at Old Navy isn’t until Saturday afternoon. Until then, he has nowhere to be, noContinue reading “College Grads Find That Dreams Are Frivolous”


Before You Dress Like A Whore For Halloween…

Keep in mind everyone is judging you.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s acceptable to dress like a schizophrenic stripper just because little kids go door to door begging for candy.  You’re wrong.  You look ridiculous and should be ashamed of yourself.  I don’t care how cute your “girls” claim you look or howContinue reading “Before You Dress Like A Whore For Halloween…”