Some Memories Don’t Stop

Roasting coffee beans with the flames of my manuscript, I picture her perfect: Almond-shaped honey eyes, polka dotted dress, hair shoulder length and eyes eyes eyes shooting and hips moving so tightly and drinking like a champion, pickle back shots & Yuneglings, playing & winning at bingo – winning already – and soft lips andContinue reading “Some Memories Don’t Stop”



the railroad line returns bridges to steel, chapels and tombstones melting easy with morning safe beneath a windmill the dodo eats scrounged berries, quiet, half expecting the lights to cut at any moment, hoping for glycerol to fall wet from the sky purely for utility, sweet, sour plums, liar, liar.

Date Night At The Coffee Shop

Usually begins with an awkward hug at the counter while I wait to take the order. The girl usually orders a fancy drink with chocolate or caramel or both and the guy usually orders plain coffee but makes up for it by ordering two of the most expensive desserts. Then there is some contrived argumentContinue reading “Date Night At The Coffee Shop”

Maggot Brain

It’s like riding a bike, they said. Keep doing it and it will come easier, they said. It’s like working out. Stick with the page, they said. Truth is it’s been a couple of weeks. This month only has a couple of days crossed off. So now it’s time to play catch up on whatContinue reading “Maggot Brain”

Relax, Sweet Child

Your soul also deserves warmth. Your heart was born at peace. Fears are unspent energy, testing Your dreams; your dreams Will come true. Take comfort in following your own path. Take what you need and leave the rest. Decisions cannot be wrong, never Take forever; take forever By living today. Find the city where sleepContinue reading “Relax, Sweet Child”

“Information Superhighway”, or, My Shitty Generation

SLeePIN’ TxT me MwAH **~~//** LOL UR SELFIE IS SO GAY FAGGOT buncha stupid crackerz in dis video #whitegrilproblems#YOLO#smfh we all saw that pic of your pussy, slut #longhairdontevencare#whatever#fml JDOE sent you a friend request. JDOE Poked You! JDOE hacked yr hard drive. NSA HAS GONE TOO FAR! REVOLUTION! (…after you) (rick roll) (troll) (pwned)Continue reading ““Information Superhighway”, or, My Shitty Generation”

things are getting sad around here

the one tune I knew about spending your money was cut short when you ran out of money listening to alan jackson and garth brooks drinking very, very cheap whiskey knowing that if we were listening to garth brooks and alan jackson and fiddles and lap steel guitar and turning down bartenders we were alreadyContinue reading “things are getting sad around here”

The Boiler Journal / Two Pieces

Very excited to have two pieces, Missing Cheyenne and Unfinished Breakfast, featured in the Spring 2014 Issue of The Boiler Journal. A big thank you to the editors for all of their hard work. Check out the issue HERE.