Anno Repeti

Dog jumps to the window, 3:30 am, barking neighbors fighting threatening to pull guns, knives, yelling down the street, so we sit and listen calm, knowing, this excitement is where life is, and will never end, alone, away from everyone else.

Catch, Kill, Repeat

After driving a new lady home and fucking her in the driveway where her husband and eight-year-old slept inside, after hearing horror stories of depression and eating disorders, I drove home lonely wondering why lilies open and close and why flies only live for a day or two and why sleeping with your feet pointingContinue reading “Catch, Kill, Repeat”

“You Like Keeping Things Alive”

I learned of a disease that kills houseplants: once one starts dying, others who share similar air will also start dying. The key to preventing a slow plague is to prune off any dead appendages quickly, and in regular intervals. My apartment required treatment: three-quarters of my houseplants were steadily dying. One big chain reaction…Continue reading ““You Like Keeping Things Alive””


Waking up at four AM to erratic fear of bugs is sure to guarantee never sleeping again. Everything is itchy when I snap on the lights, rip off the sheets, and strip naked for bloodshed. Using a flashlight I search corners, cracks, seams, clothes, sheets. I try to catch the little bastards but really hopeContinue reading “Infestation”