Dreams Come Like A Shadow With Hands Around The Throat

The way Twain said to kill darlings I am trying to kill friends, murdering the worst parts of myself… Leaving New York City I tried to yell goodbye to my mother and brother as they crossed the street and I headed down into the cold subway, but they did not recognize me, thought I wasContinue reading “Dreams Come Like A Shadow With Hands Around The Throat”

College Grads Find That Dreams Are Frivolous

Three months after graduating college, Brad Foster wakes up at 12:30 PM, finishes the warm beer on the cardboard box nightstand next to his bed, and falls back asleep until 3. It’s a Wednesday and his next four hour shift at Old Navy isn’t until Saturday afternoon. Until then, he has nowhere to be, noContinue reading “College Grads Find That Dreams Are Frivolous”