Date Night At The Coffee Shop

Usually begins with an awkward hug at the counter while I wait to take the order. The girl usually orders a fancy drink with chocolate or caramel or both and the guy usually orders plain coffee but makes up for it by ordering two of the most expensive desserts. Then there is some contrived argumentContinue reading “Date Night At The Coffee Shop”

Home Base: Part II

[For A.C.] Robbie has a tattoo of you on his chest now. None of us ever went to see that band again. We all move slower. Little Sonny is bigger now, he still likes good music. Clair is alone by choice. Every night she puts Little Sonny to bed and tucks herself in. She thinksContinue reading “Home Base: Part II”

My Spirit Animal Is A Five Year Old Korean Kid Named Austin

I became excited today at work when I smelled the plastic trash bag while I was cleaning the bathroom because it smelled similar to Power Rangers action figures I played with as a kid, the kind where if you pushed a button, their heads flipped into their bellies and helmets flipped out. My favorite wasContinue reading “My Spirit Animal Is A Five Year Old Korean Kid Named Austin”


Waking up at four AM to erratic fear of bugs is sure to guarantee never sleeping again. Everything is itchy when I snap on the lights, rip off the sheets, and strip naked for bloodshed. Using a flashlight I search corners, cracks, seams, clothes, sheets. I try to catch the little bastards but really hopeContinue reading “Infestation”