things are getting sad around here

the one tune I knew about spending your money was cut short when you ran out of money listening to alan jackson and garth brooks drinking very, very cheap whiskey knowing that if we were listening to garth brooks and alan jackson and fiddles and lap steel guitar and turning down bartenders we were alreadyContinue reading “things are getting sad around here”


“You Like Keeping Things Alive”

I learned of a disease that kills houseplants: once one starts dying, others who share similar air will also start dying. The key to preventing a slow plague is to prune off any dead appendages quickly, and in regular intervals. My apartment required treatment: three-quarters of my houseplants were steadily dying. One big chain reaction…Continue reading ““You Like Keeping Things Alive””

Home Base: Part II

[For A.C.] Robbie has a tattoo of you on his chest now. None of us ever went to see that band again. We all move slower. Little Sonny is bigger now, he still likes good music. Clair is alone by choice. Every night she puts Little Sonny to bed and tucks herself in. She thinksContinue reading “Home Base: Part II”

My Spirit Animal Is A Five Year Old Korean Kid Named Austin

I became excited today at work when I smelled the plastic trash bag while I was cleaning the bathroom because it smelled similar to Power Rangers action figures I played with as a kid, the kind where if you pushed a button, their heads flipped into their bellies and helmets flipped out. My favorite wasContinue reading “My Spirit Animal Is A Five Year Old Korean Kid Named Austin”

Daylight Saving

Morning sun shines eternal love Sweeping the shadows of your room; Whether silk or stone, desert or grove, Beneath blankets sing old heart tunes. Gentle thoughts hide shy under life’s pressure steaming, Springtime forces brave life following sleet and snow As broken feelings pass and take horrors for a cleaning In moments of silence, sleepingContinue reading “Daylight Saving”

Tempus Lapidem

Time to stop Time to stop Time to stop Time to stop Time to stop Time to stop // Start Time to start Start to time / Time to start Time to start Time Time Time Time Time // Cathedral Glass Hilltops Exclusivity Juxtaposition Honesty Illusion / Chime Swing Scaffolding / Frog Breath / BronsonContinue reading “Tempus Lapidem”

Dragon House

I do not keep many constants but I will explain one of them now there is the Buddha I rub before leaving my studio each & every day; parts of his back & sack are broken, but his smile remains the same. I cannot remember when he came into my life but if I wereContinue reading “Dragon House”

State of Things, or, Something Else

The building where I live is ‘commercial only’ so I throw on torn shorts & a cut-off t-shirt on the way back from the communal shower. The shower has flies gathered in the corners, hair clumps on the floor, a note on the wall: “Clean your fucking hair!!!” & some nights I dream of steppingContinue reading “State of Things, or, Something Else”