Catch, Kill, Repeat

After driving a new lady home and fucking her in the driveway where her husband and eight-year-old slept inside, after hearing horror stories of depression and eating disorders, I drove home lonely wondering why lilies open and close and why flies only live for a day or two and why sleeping with your feet pointingContinue reading “Catch, Kill, Repeat”


There is nothing left in the empty sound of your footsteps, beating soft against the path that lead us in the direction, the path that has seen thorns, ferns and fox, before the spring and after summer, while traveling itself a thousand times. The spectacle of delusion is high here; with every shadow comes aContinue reading “Scarecrow”

Too Much Willie Nelson

Four things started and nowhere to go. Nothing to say. Tonight I am trying to meditate to new music. I have not once succeeded at meditation. But tonight I will because tonight I set up an old fish tank in the living room, With Bob the Fish and a few feeders I picked up forContinue reading “Too Much Willie Nelson”

More Likely Than Sasquatch

Three little birds bathe in a dirty puddle formed on gravel, proving everyone has to deal with what now while dreaming better days. My new room is bigger but the walls are more thin. Right now I can hear neighbors fucking & a baby crying. Notes such as this, sketching vague concepts are problematic dinosaurContinue reading “More Likely Than Sasquatch”