Are You As Happy As Me?

Today, I think I’ll eat a big bowl of Skittles and wildflowers just to throw up a rainbow. And you know what? I’ll be laughing the whole time. After that, heck, I might start listening to Christmas Carols on repeat and not stop for the next twelve weeks, just because I like their catchy melodiesContinue reading “Are You As Happy As Me?”


Sixth Grader’s Book Report Saved By Netflix

“How America was Saved by a retard,” this was the title of Randall Boyce’s American History book report. Six weeks ago it was called upon Randall to read chapters 5 and 6 in his American History textbook and, “discuss in 3-5 pages the Vietnam War, including the reasons for U.S. involvement and charting the outcomeContinue reading “Sixth Grader’s Book Report Saved By Netflix”