Guy Really Wants Cat After Getting High And Playing With Friends Cat

College sophomore Ross Hayes recently decided he would enjoy owning a cat of his own after hitting it off with his buddy’s cat, Mittens.  The two hit it off Thursday night when Hayes came over to rip his friend’s new RooR bong and watch Family Guy reruns. “I don’t know man, Mittens is just fuckingContinue reading “Guy Really Wants Cat After Getting High And Playing With Friends Cat”


When Trying To Hide Your High Goes Terribly Right

Phew. Ok. Ok relax man. Just take a deep breath. You’e cool. You’e fine. You’e not even high, man. You don’ even look that high. Your eyes are really bad but y-you just slept really late that’ all. Yeah, that’ all. Just get out of this bathroom, go get your backpack and go to class.Continue reading “When Trying To Hide Your High Goes Terribly Right”

Foreign Language Professor Admits “Getting Blazed” Before Class

Friday afternoon, Canadian born French Professor Dr. Jean-Robert Rousseau spoke candidly with the Literary Lampoon in an interview concerning alleged rumors surrounding his use of controlled substances. ” Oh I smoke weed everyday. No doubt about it.” Professor Rousseau commented unashamed. “I know it’s frowned upon because it’s illegal and everything, but I really don’tContinue reading “Foreign Language Professor Admits “Getting Blazed” Before Class”