Once Before, Now Again

After hours of picking flowers with bloodied hands, only two roses remained, now resting bedside in a jar full of water. One faded pink, one white, dying in the water. They look nice sitting there, in the water, which holds tight as long as possible. But soon water will become trivial and their beauty willContinue reading “Once Before, Now Again”



There is nothing left in the empty sound of your footsteps, beating soft against the path that lead us in the direction, the path that has seen thorns, ferns and fox, before the spring and after summer, while traveling itself a thousand times. The spectacle of delusion is high here; with every shadow comes aContinue reading “Scarecrow”


At night, wash your face with warm water in the morning, wash your face with cold. No science or reason, just do it and you will feel better. When there is nothing important left to achieve in the day, bake some fresh cookies or maybe crochet another coaster. When you finish one, start another. ConsumeContinue reading “Grandmother”

Dizzy Star Fading

Fat as a lizard I could do this all day, basking on a warm rock, welcoming sun… But at some point I should probably go to the store for more soap and maybe blueberries, some flowers for the window. I have been seeking four leaves in the wrong beds of clover. I am the zebra,Continue reading “Dizzy Star Fading”


the railroad line returns bridges to steel, chapels and tombstones melting easy with morning safe beneath a windmill the dodo eats scrounged berries, quiet, half expecting the lights to cut at any moment, hoping for glycerol to fall wet from the sky purely for utility, sweet, sour plums, liar, liar.

Maggot Brain

It’s like riding a bike, they said. Keep doing it and it will come easier, they said. It’s like working out. Stick with the page, they said. Truth is it’s been a couple of weeks. This month only has a couple of days crossed off. So now it’s time to play catch up on whatContinue reading “Maggot Brain”

Relax, Sweet Child

Your soul also deserves warmth. Your heart was born at peace. Fears are unspent energy, testing Your dreams; your dreams Will come true. Take comfort in following your own path. Take what you need and leave the rest. Decisions cannot be wrong, never Take forever; take forever By living today. Find the city where sleepContinue reading “Relax, Sweet Child”