Strategic Race Relations: The Importance Of Having A Black Friend

In today’s sensitive social climate, the last thing any self respecting individual wants to be called is racist.  Racism no longer asserts power and hierarchy as was originally intended, but instead carries a negative connotation of ignorance and an assumption that one voted for the un-hip candidate.  In order to avoid being lumped in withContinue reading “Strategic Race Relations: The Importance Of Having A Black Friend”


An Apple A Day Keeps The Witch Doctor Away

The United States’ increasingly deficient health care system has left millions uninsured and accrued insurmountable debt for the nation.  With Congress bent on antagonistic debate the casualty of time is expressed in American lives. The amount of exhausted bickering and lack of foresight from both houses is exactly correlated with the number of lives beingContinue reading “An Apple A Day Keeps The Witch Doctor Away”

Teenager Loses Virginty Via Sexting

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.  This week, Dunkirk teenager Ashley Ficci gave up her v-card in what may be the future of sexual intercourse; sexting.  “Steve and I have been dating for about a month and a half now, so we thought it was time to take things to the next level” she saidContinue reading “Teenager Loses Virginty Via Sexting”

Tanning Proven Valuable In Covering Up Medicocrity

Another beautiful autumn; the leaves change from green to brown, and summer tans fade as it becomes more and more unbearable to go outside.  However, due to the ‘tanning craze’ that has struck popular culture, an increasing number of people are refusing to let go of their crispy brown complexion.  As a result, men canContinue reading “Tanning Proven Valuable In Covering Up Medicocrity”

First Kiss Determines Sexuality

After years of uncertainty, a study at Dartmouth University finally put to rest the debate of where ones sexual preference comes from.  In the past, Conservatives have argued that homosexuality is merely a choice while Liberals have maintained it is genetically inherent.  However, this groundbreaking study proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the quality ofContinue reading “First Kiss Determines Sexuality”