Leka Moso (Until Next Time)

Drunk-drove my new motorcycle and ran over a tombstone while hot-dogging through the abandoned cemetery. The next morning I returned to fix the toppled piece of marble, the word ‘INFANT’ carved deep, only to find an old man sitting in a lawn chair tuning a guitar, surrounded by graves and cornfields, house wren singing, cicadasContinue reading “Leka Moso (Until Next Time)”

Definitely Going to Bonnaroo

Dude did you see the Bonnaroo lineup this year? Yo, I I think I’m gonna go. I mean, the Chili Peppers? Trampled by Turtles? Skrillex? Hell yeah I’m gonna go – totally, totally gonna go. It’s only $265 right now, which isnt that much, I mean, if you really think about it. But like, yo,Continue reading “Definitely Going to Bonnaroo”

Sorry, But “How Was Your Summer?” Is No Longer An Acceptable Ice-Breaker

Well, it’s been a week and a half since classes began.  New friends have been made, schedules are finally memorized, and almost everyone has been sufficiently raped by the overpriced campus bookstore.  The nights are warm, the beer is cold (unless you still think frat parties are cool), and life is good. Unfortunately, settling intoContinue reading “Sorry, But “How Was Your Summer?” Is No Longer An Acceptable Ice-Breaker”

“Albino Dan” Only Third Grader Not Excited For Summer

According to a recent hand-raising poll in Ms. Atkinson’s third grade class, all but one person is excited for summer vacation.  The exception, Dan Whitish AKA “Albino Dan”, expressed not only his lack of enthusiasm for summer vacation, but his overall depression during the hot summer months. “I don’t like the summew vewy much.  It’sContinue reading ““Albino Dan” Only Third Grader Not Excited For Summer”