no rest for the moon

winter weather advisory has taken over the town and now the wind blown streets cover again waiting to be cleared of last nights debris. winter weather advisory has taken over the house and the windows are leaking cold air into the bedroom, causing sniffles in the morning and enemy sheets waiting to warm. winter weatherContinue reading “no rest for the moon”

Submarine Bulk

The rocky channel divides the ocean unknown from protected shoreline, the passing boat will move through to open waters that may eventually run through mangroves, miles away, tall rooted above muddy water, home to amphibians and parasites, food for bugs and maybe fish, shitting back into water, water that moves somewhere deeper with the current,Continue reading “Submarine Bulk”

Once Before, Now Again

After hours of picking flowers with bloodied hands, only two roses remained, now resting bedside in a jar full of water. One faded pink, one white, dying in the water. They look nice sitting there, in the water, which holds tight as long as possible. But soon water will become trivial and their beauty willContinue reading “Once Before, Now Again”