My brain is exploding iside a luminous cavern, dead keys beside me, there is a night like dayshine that eats at the very feathers of my heart. On such a night like tonight where word does strike sooner where the sounds become nothing until they become sounds that become nothing again. It is nights likeContinue reading “Yes”

Dizzy Star Fading

Fat as a lizard I could do this all day, basking on a warm rock, welcoming sun… But at some point I should probably go to the store for more soap and maybe blueberries, some flowers for the window. I have been seeking four leaves in the wrong beds of clover. I am the zebra,Continue reading “Dizzy Star Fading”


the railroad line returns bridges to steel, chapels and tombstones melting easy with morning safe beneath a windmill the dodo eats scrounged berries, quiet, half expecting the lights to cut at any moment, hoping for glycerol to fall wet from the sky purely for utility, sweet, sour plums, liar, liar.

Date Night At The Coffee Shop

Usually begins with an awkward hug at the counter while I wait to take the order. The girl usually orders a fancy drink with chocolate or caramel or both and the guy usually orders plain coffee but makes up for it by ordering two of the most expensive desserts. Then there is some contrived argumentContinue reading “Date Night At The Coffee Shop”

Maggot Brain

It’s like riding a bike, they said. Keep doing it and it will come easier, they said. It’s like working out. Stick with the page, they said. Truth is it’s been a couple of weeks. This month only has a couple of days crossed off. So now it’s time to play catch up on whatContinue reading “Maggot Brain”

Songs For Sunday (For Now)

The driver in front of me was drunk last night so I followed to make sure he got home okay. He did well. He gave me a thumbs up. Driving back home I asked myself: What good did I just do? What would I have done if he swerved? What if he hit someone onContinue reading “Songs For Sunday (For Now)”

State of Things, or, Something Else

The building where I live is ‘commercial only’ so I throw on torn shorts & a cut-off t-shirt on the way back from the communal shower. The shower has flies gathered in the corners, hair clumps on the floor, a note on the wall: “Clean your fucking hair!!!” & some nights I dream of steppingContinue reading “State of Things, or, Something Else”

Spring Rains Flowers

First week of June & on three occasions I walked by hairless baby birds fallen from their nests.  I noticed the first from the corner of my own crusty eye while wearing pajamas & sunglasses, walking the dog, not realizing what I had seen until the trains screeched above, startling me enough to shiver, turn &Continue reading “Spring Rains Flowers”