Definitely Going to Bonnaroo

Dude did you see the Bonnaroo lineup this year? Yo, I I think I’m gonna go. I mean, the Chili Peppers? Trampled by Turtles? Skrillex? Hell yeah I’m gonna go – totally, totally gonna go. It’s only $265 right now, which isnt that much, I mean, if you really think about it. But like, yo, think about it: that’s like 265 dollars for like 800 shows. And the experience, man – think about the experience.

Huh? June 7th to the 10th. Manchester, Tennessee. Yeah dude, it will be hot as balls. We’ll bring water though – lots of water and trail mix. And I have a tent. I might even have two tents… you might be able to borrow one of my tents. Oh man… we should go. Seriously, I’m serious; I think we shoul go. Huh? June 7th to June 10th. You’d only have to take like three days off of work, because its over a weekend, you know? It’s like, Thursday, Friday and Monday off, and that’s it. Yeah, $265 dollars. Or 700 for the VIP pass – but fuck that. And Ben Folds Five and Childish Gambino are gonna be there too?! Oh, fuck, man, we have to go. We can take my car, we’ll bring water, walkie-talkies and CamelBacks, and we’ll fucking go to Bonnarroo.

Oh – dude – are you kidding me? So much pussy. You know how the experts say if you want to get fucking pregnant you should go on a vacation? Alright, now add like a gram of molly to that equation. Dreadlocked white chicks and jersey chasers for days. And think about how much that would cost, if you got like, say, five blow jobs from prostitutes or took three trips to the local rub-n-tug. Dude: you’re actually saving money by going to Bonnarroo. Let’s go. I’m gonna buy my ticket right now I think. Alright, you’re right, that’s cool, if you don’t have money we don’t need to buy them right now, but I’m definitely getting mine by the end of the week. This is gonna be awesome. I’m going to bring so many tapestries and tiki torches.


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